20220729: When AI Invents

Are the current intellectual property and patent regimes adequate to accommodate the impact of AI in the development of new innovations and inventions? This webinar will explore these pressing issues with our esteemed panel of IP experts:

  • Who owns the patent rights to an AI invention? Would the programmer or the person who wrote the AI program have rights?
  • Should an AI invention be measured using the established patent principle that it is inventive if it is not obvious to a person skilled in the art, when the task an AI performs and the “knowledge” it possesses are beyond that of a (human) inventor?
  • Who should be a “person skilled in the art” when it involves an AI invention?
  • Do we need a new type of intellectual property right or patent system that specifically deals with AI inventions and innovations?

The panel consists of:

  • Dr Alexandra George, an Associate Professor in Law at UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice – Hemant Singh, a well-known IP litigator in India, founder and managing partner of the IP law firm Inttl Advocare
  • Cyril Chan, a foreign counsel and U.S. patent attorney at Kim & Chang in Seoul, Korea – Linda Wang (moderator), a specialist in the area of intellectual property and technology law with a wealth of experience and she heads the IP practice group at ZICO IP
20220811: Trademark Caravan 2022 – Spotlight on Cambodia

Keynote address by H.E. Mr. Suon Vichea, Director of Department of Intellectual Property of Cambodia

Topics and speakers:

  • New Developments of Trade Mark Law of Cambodia (To Rith, Deputy Director of Department of Intellectual Property of Cambodia)
  • Updates on trade mark laws in India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Vietnam ( Vaibhav Vutts, Vutts & Associates, India; Ananda Ramadhan Maulana, Maulana and Partners Law Firm, Indonesia; Tom Robertson, Pipers, New Zealand; and Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Vision & Associates, Vietnam)
  • How to deal with office actions issued by Registrar of Trade Marks of Cambodia – objections to registration on absolute ground and relative ground (Vichet Ny, VNP Law Office, Cambodia)
  • What constitutes trade mark infringement in Cambodia and how to conduct enforcement actions (Chandavya Ing, Tilleke & Gibbins Phnom Penh office, Cambodia)