The governing body of APAA is the Council which comprises members appointed by each of the Recognised Groups. It meets once a year and makes decisions on policy and operational matters upon a vote of the majority of the members present and voting. The decisions are conveyed to or approved by the APAA members at a General Assembly held every other year.

The Executive Committee reports to the Council on policy and operational matters of the association. It comprises the President, the Senior Vice-Presidents, the Secretary-General and the Treasurer who, together with the Past Presidents, meet whenever necessary. The meeting is known as the Executive Meeting.”

The Advisory Board composed of the Officers of the Association is a consultative body which advises the President on policy issues.

The Secretariat of the association is located in Tokyo. The Secretariat and Secretary-General may be contacted for any assistance.

The work of the association relating to the specific areas of intellectual property law is carried out by a standing Committee. Please refer to Committees for the role, functions and current members of these committees.