All about Observers

Who is an Observer?

Observers are non-members of APAA who are allowed to attend APAA conferences and meetings (eg, General Assembly, Council Meeting).

How does one become an Observer?

To become an Observer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are an individual
  • You must hold professional qualifications (eg, patent attorney) which would entitle you to APAA membership had you been resident in the Asian region
  • You are sponsored in writing by an individual member of APAA
  • Your application is approved by the Secretary General
  • If you are resident within an area represented by a Recognised Group, your application is also approved by that Recognised Group

You can apply to be an Observer by completing the Online Observer Application, and uploading a scanned copy of the Observer Application / Sponsorship Letter signed by an individual member of APAA. Please also email a copy of the scanned Observer Application / Sponsorship letter to:

What should an Observer know about meetings?

Once your Observer Application is approved, you will be able to attend APAA conferences/meetings. If you are resident and work in the Asian region, you can only attend one meeting as an Observer.

As a general rule, priority for APAA conferences/meetings is given to members and only one Observer per firm may be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. As each conference/meeting has its own constraints, Observers are encouraged to review the relevant registration terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

How does an Observer remain one?

Observer status is non-transferable. Should you leave your firm, you must continue to meet the Observer requirements to maintain your Observer status (eg, hold professional qualifications which would entitle you to APAA membership had you been resident in the Asian region).  If you cease professional practice, you will lose your Observer status.

Please note that an Observer is expected to maintain regular attendance at APAA conferences/meetings. APAA reserves the right to revoke the Observer status of an Observer who does not maintain regular attendance at APAA conferences/meetings or who no longer qualifies to be an Observer.

Updating particulars

If you are an observer and your particulars have changed (eg, you moved firms), do keep us informed so that you may remain in contact. You may update your particulars with us by clicking the link below “Update Particulars”.