Login Password Reset (Updated 9 May 2023)

Due to heightened security measures recommended by our webhost, some users may experience difficulty in accessing their account using their existing password. In such circumstances, please click “Forgot your password” on the login page and enter your registered email address. A password reset link will be sent to your email address to initiate a password reset.

To ensure that you receive the password reset link, please whitelist our domains <apaaonline.org> and <apaa.asia> at your email servers. If you are still not receiving the password reset link after whitelisting our domains, you may approach the member admin of your recognised group to help you reset your password manually.

If despite the above efforts, you still remain unable to login, it is possible that your account may be deemed suspicious and locked. Please drop a line to itadmin@apaa.asia using the email subject “[<Member ID>] Please help – unable to my password” by providing your member ID in the square brackets to assist in technical troubleshooting of your account. 

Thanks for your cooperation.