70th Council Meeting

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Deadline for early bird registration ended on June 28, 2019.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to the overwhelming registrations we received in the last week of June, we have now received more than 1,500 participants’ registrations, reaching the maximum capacity of the APAA 2019 Conference planned by the Organizing Committee. Acceptance of registrations made today and after the close of early bird registration period will be put on hold pending the Organizing Committee’s further discussion with the APAA Headquarter. We will make further announcement as to whether we can open the registrations soon. Members and observers may still complete the registration process by sending an email to the Conference Organizer at registration@apaa2019.com, and acceptance of registration will be made on the first-come first-serve basis once the Organizing Committee decides to reopen the registration. Thank you for the cooperation and patience!