Workshop Papers 2012

Brett Shadbolt – APAA – Valuation of IP 
This presentation discusses the pros and cons of different approaches for the valuation of IP. It also lays out the steps needed for a relevant and precise IP valuation.


Neil Henderson – APAA IP Commercialization – Legal 
This presentation discusses the legal considerations when dealing with IP commercially.


Rainey Matt (WIPO) – Innovation Trends Innov Ecosystems WIPO Activities 2012 
This presentation examines innovation trends around the world and its relevance to IP in terms of patents and licensing. It also introduces the various projects that the WIPO has undertaken to support innovation across the world.


Russel Boltwood – APLA Conference Presentation
This presentation discusses the practical considerations of selling and licensing patents. It discusses the various issues that arise and the key Dos and Don’ts in the process.