President’s Message 2015

It is my great honor to have been elected as the 11th president of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, and I will do my best to make our association BETTER and GREATER.

I believe that Friendship, Love and Understanding (FLU) is the most important inspiration we can take with us as we travel the road to a BETTER and GREATER APAA. The dedication and passion of our past presidents, senior members and their advocacy for FLU has built our association from scratch to where we are today. And, it will be my privilege to continue this tradition.

In this respect, I believe “democracy” and “transparency” in the management of our association is just as important.

Throughout the years, Asia has become a hub for vibrant social and economic development and today, the IP issues in our region are global issues, which were unimaginable in 1969 when our association was born. Our membership has also grown considerably, and it now consists of IP attorneys from 24 countries, including 18 recognized groups. So, I realize that the president position in our association requires the ability to deal with the fast changing and growing environment of today.

I respect the achievements of our senior members, and from them I will draw the strength to face the new challenges of our age. At the same time, I will keep my ears open to the various demands of the 2,400 or so members of our association and focus on member-oriented management.

To this end, I intend to carry out the following during my tenure:

  1. Democratic and transparent governance
  1. Enhancement of the Group Presidents’ Meeting
  2. Implementing an online voting system
  3. Modification of the office term for the President/Election system
  1. Disambiguation of the office term for the president
  2. Shortening the office term of the president
  3. Introducing a “President Elect” System
  4. Support for IP developing countries
  1. Providing periodic education program and seminars, and practical experience transferring programs
  2. Providing monetary support to those with financial difficulties so that increase the number of members
  3. APAA Visibility
  4. Publication of an e-Newsletter and Annual Report of the association
  5. Conference hosting manual compilation
  6. Providing specific and standardized guidelines for hosting a conference to encourage all recognized groups to host a conference, especially those with little to no prior experience

It is my desire to see more democratic and transparent management of the association, and the Harmonization of our members. For this, I will strive to honor these commitments and pursue a path toward a BETTER and GREATER APAA together with you.

Patrick Y. KIM
President of APAA
2015 – 2018