Only individuals practising the profession of a patent attorney in the Asian Region and organisations constituted in the region operated by one or more such individuals are eligible for membership of APAA, subject to the discretion of the Council to determine the scope of the membership. Membership is through the Recognised Groups. Currently, Recognised Groups exist in the following territories:

  1. APAA Australia Group (Contact: Mr. David Webber, President, Tel: 612-9777-1111, Fax: 612-9241-4666, E-mail:

    APAA Bangladesh Group (Contact: Mr. Salahuddin Abdullah, President, Tel: 880-2933-8201, Fax: 880-2934-6881, E-mail:

    APAA Hong Kong Group (Contact: Ms. Rebecca Lo, President, Tel: 852-3104-8787, Fax: 852-3104-1112, E-mail:

    APAA India Group (Contact: Mr. Hari Subramaniam, President, Tel: 91-11-2431-4741, Fax: 91-11-2431-2895, E-mail: or

    APAA Indonesia Group (Contact: Dr. Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi, President, Tel: 62-21-576-2310, Fax: 62-21-576-2301, E-mail:

    APAA Japan Group (Contact: Ms. Miki Ueno, Secretariat of APAA Japan Group, Tel: 81-422-21-2666, Fax: 81-422-21-2431, E-mail:

    APAA Korea Group (Contact: Mr. Casey Kook-Chan An, President, Tel: 82-2-561-5834, Fax: 82-2-561-5847, E-mail:

    APAA Macau Group (Contact: Mr. Nuno Simoes, President, Tel: 853-2838-9275, Fax: 853-2838-9277, E-mail:

    APAA Malaysia Group (Contact: Mr. Michael Soo, President, Tel: 603-2031-1788, Fax: 603-2031-1775, E-mail:

    APAA Myanmar Group (Contact: Ms. Khine Khine U, President, Tel: 951-245-596, Fax: 951-376-318, E-mail:

    APAA New Zealand Group (Contact: Mr. Wes Jones, Hon. Secretary/Treasurer, Tel: 649-356-3137, Fax: 649-373-2123, E-mail:

    APAA Pakistan Group (Contact: Mr. Hasan Irfan Khan, President, Tel: 92-21-3628-5581, Fax: 92-21-3628-5585, E-mail:

    APAA Philippine Group (Contact: Mr. Arturo T. Del Rosario, Jr., President, Tel: 632-687-6443, Fax: 632-687-6713, E-mail:

    APAA Singapore Group (Contact: Lam Chung Nian, Vice President, Tel: 65-6416-8271, Fax: 65-6532-5711, E-mail:

    APAA Sri Lanka Group (Contact: Mr. Nithi Murugesu, Hon. Joint Secretary, Tel: 94-11-2302-900, Fax: 94-11-2302-911, E-mail:

    APAA Taiwan Group (Contact: Ms. Grace W. T. Liao, Secretary General, Tel: 8862-2507-2811, Fax: 8862-2508-3711, E-mail:

    APAA Thailand Group (Contact: Mr. Rutorn Nopakun, President, Tel: 662-639-1955, Fax: 662-639-1956, E-mail:

    APAA Vietnam Group (Contact: Mr. Pham Nghiem Xuan Bac, President, Tel: 844-3934-0629, Fax: 844-3934-0631, E-mail:

If you reside, or if your organisation is constituted in a territory in the Asian Region with no Recognised Group, please contact the Secretary-General.

Please note that countries in the Middle East are not included in the APAA region.