Course Schedule
Kathmandu, Nepal, 7-10 July 2018

This course will give you a new understanding of patent preparation, prosecution, and strategy. We'll provide you with all the practical skills you need for identifying the invention and preparing a patent specification, prosecution skills, offensive and defensive patent strategies, and design-around techniques.
You'll also hone your skills on presenting basic IP education courses and IP strategy style lectures.

Patent Surgery is being held in Kathmandu, Nepal from Saturday 7 July to Wednesday 10 July.

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Kathmandu 44600


  • Identifying and Understanding Inventions
  • Obtaining invention disclosures from inventors.
  • Identifying patentable inventions and understanding the invention.
  • Practical exercise – role play.
  • Patent Claim Drafting
  • Different methodical approaches for preparing claims after the invention has been identified and understood.
  • Practical exercises applying the different methods discussed.


  • Patent Claim Design
  • Specific types of claims, clarity, claim word choice.
  • Checking the claim to check it captures competing products, avoids unnecessary limitations, claim elements are related to each other, overcomes the prior art, and is industrial applicable. This session will include practical exercises applying the different methods discussed.
  • Typical Parts of the Patent Application
  • Detailed description, drawings, background, abstract, summary and how those sections support the claims, including practical exercises.


  • Prosecuting Patent Applications
  • Responding to office actions, including amending claims and developing arguments, including practical exercises.
  • Patent Strategy
  • Offensive and defensive patenting, and design-around techniques.
  • Regional Differences
  • Discuss differences between countries and regions: two-part claims, unity of invention, equivalents, novelty.


Discuss how to prepare for and present basic IP education courses and IP strategy style lectures. The students will learn how to present to local institutions and industry groups and clients. We will also talk about IP strategies worldwide and some updates on laws in Europe, USA and China.

Tutor Profiles


Anton specialises in patent and related intellectual property law, in particular for mechanical and manufacturing patents. Anton is also a copyright and designs specialist.

Anton has experience with a range of technologies including:
- packaging
- marine
- composites
- engine design
- fluid dynamics
- clean technologies
- thermo dynamics.

Anton has experience in conducting intellectual property audits and due diligence for several large New Zealand companies in the fields of maritime technology, aviation and packaging. He is also involved in establishing and maintaining policies and procedures at several organisations to help them foster a culture to extract high value from their intellectual property.

Other credentials
Anton is a lecturer on IP at the University of Auckland, and gives regular lectures at business incubators and other industry groups. Anton is a mentor in the "Business in the Community" new business programme and a judge and advisor on the kids' inventions television programme, Let's Get Inventin'.

Anton attended the University of Canterbury and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree with Honours in Mechanical Engineering in 1993 and a Masters in Engineering in 1994.

- New Zealand Institute of Patent Attorneys
- Asian Patent Attorneys Association Qualifications
- ME (Mech), University of Canterbury (1994)
- LLB, University of Auckland (2004)
- Registered Patent Attorney (New Zealand and Australia)
- Admitted as a Barrister & Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand